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Our visa service includes China Visa, Russian Visa, Schengen Visa, Hong Kong Visa and Vietnam Visa. We also provide other visa service such as Egypt Visa and Japanese Visa.


BCV is a registered agent with the government as a non-governmental based Hand-Carry Visa and Passport Courier Service Company. Our service is for the people who value their time and do not want to go to consulate office for their application themselves. We charge an additional fee for hand- carry applications to Consulates. 

Using our visa service, you do not need to travel to consulate in person. You just prepare and collect required travel documents, then mail them to BCV office at the address on this website.

After received your application documents, our experts with more than 15 years of visa/passport processing experience will verify that your application is completely accurate, and
help you with the application forms and support documents to meet Consulate's requirement, then we will submit your application to Consulates. After your application is approved by Consulates, we will pick up your passport with visa on your behalf, and send back to you. Which save your trip to Consulates and avoid waiting in line yourself, and avoid your application delay.

Your passport is secure at all times. We are committed to protecting your privacy. We have policies in place to ensure your documents and information are secure. We do not share your personal data or private documents.
This site is not affiliated with the Government.

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