Instructions for Expedited Brazil Student Visa Application
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1. Valid Passport:
    You must send your valid actual passport.  Your passport must not expire within 6 months and must have at least two blank visa page.
    Note: The last three pages on the U.S. Passport are not visa pages and are not acceptable. If your passport doesn't meet the
    requirement, click here to see our passport services.
  • Non-U.S. citizen must send a notarized copy of visa, permanent resident card.
2. Application Form and photo
    Each applicant must complete an eVisa Application for Brazil on SCEDV web site . On SCEDV web site, click "VISA REQUEST" . An
    application number will be assigned to you once you entered all information. Then back to SCEDV website, and click " PRINT VISA FORM
    DELIVERY RECEIPT". You are required to submit a signed receipt with standard passport photo. The signature on the receipt must be
    original, not faxed or photocopied. Also, all information and the signature on the receipt should exactly match with your passport.
    Note: The photo with the application form must be passport style, professionally taken and printed within the past 6 months. Snapshots,
    photocopies and computer pictures are not accepted.
3. Proof of Departure
    Send a copy of your travel itinerary or airline ticket, with complete itinerary, flight number and arrival/departure dates and reservation code
    provided by the airline company;
4. Proof of Jurisdiction:
    Driver’s license, utility bills, copy of lease, bank statements and in some cases school documents are all acceptable documents as
    proof of jurisdiction. VITEM IV visas require that the applicant proves he/she has been living within our jurisdiction within the last 12
5. Good Conduct Record:
    Police Clearance which must:
  1. Be an original document issued within the past 60 days on a standard letterhead with contact information of the issuing authority.
  2. Have sufficient information about the applicant to determine it is not a homonym. Examples: full name residential address, date of birth,
    identification document (passport, driver’s license or state ID), social security number.
  3. Reflect where the applicant has lived on the past 12 months.
  4. Match the applicant’s proof of address.

    Those that have lived in the United States within the last 12 months must present a STANDARD police clearance from the Federal
    Bureau of Investigation – FBI headquarters in West Virginia listing applicant's full name, address and last 4 digits of social security
    For further information on how to request a FBI background check, please contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (http://www.fbi.
    Local police clearances or online background checks are not acceptable.
    If the applicant has not lived in the United States or Brazil within the past 12 months, please note that:
    A) Documents not issued within the United States must have their originals either legalized by a Brazilian consular office responsible for
    the jurisdiction of the country the document was issued or certified by the embassy or consulate of that country in the United States.
    B) Documents not issued in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French will require either:
  • A sworn translation made by a competent translator in the United States with its signature acknowledged by a US notary public; or
  • A translation done by or certified by the Consulate or Embassy of issuing country in the United States; or
  • A sworn translation made by a competent translator outside of the United States to one of the four accepted languages above and duly
    legalized by the Brazilian consular office responsible for the jurisdiction of where the document was issued.
6. Proof of Enrollment.
  • Original acceptance letter from the Brazilian educational institution indicating type and duration of studies. Letter must be presented in its
    original and duly acknowledged by a Brazilian notary ("Cartório");
  • Copy of educational institution's registration with the “Cadastro Nacional de Pessoas Jurídicas” (CNPJ).
  • Original acceptance letter from the Brazilian college or university indicating type and duration of studies. Letter must be presented in its
    original and duly acknowledged by a Brazilian notary ("Cartório"). The Brazilian educational institution must be registered with the Ministry
    of Education in Brazil;
    According to Brazilian legislation, an internship is the supervised academic education in a work environment aimed at preparing a
    student (attending regular classes at superior education institution) for productive work.
  • A notarized agreement (“Termo de Compromisso de Estágio”) signed between the intern, the Brazilian institution providing the internship
    and a Brazilian University. The agreement must contain specific information on the activities to be performed, the duration of internship
    and the supervising role of the Brazilian Univeristy. The activities to be carried out by the applicants as a student should be compatible
    with those as an intern described in the agreement.
  • Applicant must show proof of his/her current enrollment in a U.S. University prior to conclusion of workcourse (undergraduate, graduate
    or post-graduate);
7. Financial capability to pay for the stay in Brazil.
  • Notarized bank statements; and/or notarized letter from the sponsoring institution assuring grant, or scholarship or allowance; and/or
    paychecks. Applicant must have at least R$ 2.000,00 (two thousand reais) per month to be spent in Brazil. Please verify current currency
    exchange rates.
  • Family members such as parents may assume financial responsibility for the applicant. In this case, please add a notarized affidavit
    stating it. In this case, please add documents proving the financial capability of the parent.
8. Proof of Medical Insurance Coverage in Brazil:
  1. Original or notarized copy of the insurance card;
  2. Letter from the insurance company listing coverage details such as:
  • Applicant's full name (policy holder);
  • Policy number;
  • Coverage end and start date;
  • That the applicant's medical insurance has coverage in Brazil.
9. Birth certificate:  Original or certified copy  or notarized copy of birth certificate.
  • If the birth certificate does not list parents' names or if it is not legible, another official document listing their names must be presented.
  • Please make sure that the visa application form lists parents’ names as it is written on applicant's birth certificate or official document
    alike regardless of name changes they have had since.
10. BCV Order Form:
    Complete the BCV Visa Order Form online. This online form is essential for us to know your application is coming and your shipping
    address and contact information
For more information, Please carefully read the information at Brazil Consulate Website:
Shipping of Application
Processing Time
Visa Fee
BCV Service Fee
Visa Fee + BCV Service
5-8 Business Days
3 Months
B: Return Shipping Fee
Please send all required documents with your check or money order to BCV  (FedEx, UPS, or USPS
Express recommended). Multiple applications can be sent and returned in one package.

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